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" You have to do the work on the inside in order to enjoy the view on the outside."

 What clients are saying:


~ Dr. Richard I. Levine, Retired Chiropractor, Author, Actor

~ Dr. Richard I. Levine, Retired Chiropractor, Author, Actor

“Working with Kathy has been an amazing experience. In just a few short weeks I benefitted from her intuitiveness and life experience in ways that I could have never imagined; and now my imagination is limitless. When she says she has awakened a giant inside of me I know she isn’t joking. 

Kathy helped me find my voice and my confidence. She helped me discover who I really am and the untapped potential I have. When I first started working with Kathy I was unable to speak in front of an audience. Through her coaching, I gained new insight about my inner strength and power. I’m now very comfortable speaking in front of an audience and have discovered my new talent as a television actor.

I see wonderful and endless possibilities for the second half of my life.

"I have read all the testimonials on Kathy's website.  I agree wholeheartedly with everything that has been expressed.  I am searching my heart and soul to express how profoundly Kathy has impacted me in the short time I have worked with her.  I was fortunate to be among the people who responded to her generous offer to receive a complimentary session.  I thought she might give me a half hour and it would be a light example of what Kathy could offer me, a simple "teaser."

Linda Rose Herman Pre-Planning Advisor for Dignity Memorial Providers Hawaiian Memorial Park and Borthwick Mortuary  www.lindacares.net

Linda Rose Herman
Pre-Planning Advisor for Dignity Memorial Providers
Hawaiian Memorial Park and
Borthwick Mortuary

The reality is that Kathy gave of herself completely and helped me reach a place of realization related to my profession of 30 years.  She encapsulated in one sentence through deep and powerful interaction and processing what I have been attempting to express and share with people so they can really hear, understand, and relate to a challenging topic.

Essentially, I support and facilitate difficult discussions in a loving and caring manner. It struck me that if so much could happen in one initial session, there was so much more that could be accomplished by making a commitment to myself to work with Kathy to help me make the changes I yearn for.   It became abundantly clear to me that I wanted to commit to a six month program with Kathy.  It was not a question of if, but  "how soon can we have our next session?"

 Kathy is helping me explore how I can be more effective in an already successful career.  She "gets" me in a way I have rarely experienced.  She listens from a deep well of compassion, depth, and life experience.  I feel uplifted and empowered in her presence.

I am beginning a year of transformation and reinventing myself.  Kathy has helped me believe in my bones that what I want is attainable.  She has helped me regain myself and re-energize me.  Working with Kathy is magical!"

"I have been a business owner for the past 15 years and have always done “fine”.  Over the last couple of years however, I have come to the realization that I wanted more than just “fine”.  With my commitment to becoming more than just fine, I began to do some self help by listening to tapes, cd’s, Youtube videos and even invested in a couple of packaged programs that guaranteed success.  All of these were valuable but my level of success remained about the same.  I toyed with the idea of hiring a coach for most of this time but never found the right person.  When I met Kathy, I knew instantly she was someone I wanted to work with. I have been grateful for that decision ever since.

In order for things to change for the better, I needed to change for the better. You need to think and act differently. This is difficult to do without guidance. Kathy has been my compass for this change.

I am doing Kathy’s Calm the Chaos program combined with individual coaching.  I find her Calm the Chaos program topics to be relevant and immediately helpful and easy to implement into my business.  This combined with the personal coaching sessions has been a powerful combination.  In my private coaching sessions, Kathy is a great listener.  She can somehow sort through the chaos of my thoughts and really “hear” what I’m trying to sort out.  She is insightful, gives excellent feedback and gives suggestions that are invaluable.  She has helped me make connections in the community both through direct introductions and also by helping me to target who might be most important to connect with and how to make that connection. Her insight and kind, yet direct feedback and guidance has been a critical factor in moving my business forward in a new market for me.  Her guidance has made a big impact in a short period of time and will undoubtedly continue to impact my business and my personal life forever. 

I would highly recommend Kathy's services to anyone interested in moving their business beyond "just fine" and into the next level of success and beyond."

Dr. Jody Jedlicka, Owner, LearningRx

"I am grateful and relieved that Kathy came into my life at just the right moment!  I felt like I was spinning my wheels and not enjoying what I was doing very much at all.  I definitely had “monkey brain” and I didn’t even know what it was!  I just knew that something needed to change!  

I consistently watched her webinars and then DID what I needed to do (homework) to incorporate the strategies and information I worked on into my daily life.  I am saying “goodbye” to my monkey brain.  It needs to be banished forever!

Our individual coaching sessions helped me to zero in on where I was stuck. We talked about tools to work with which gave me an opportunity to think everything through and then I went on to make key decisions.

Kathy is an amazing listener.  She heard what I didn't say and that was key for me to hear her say it.

I wake up knowing that I have a plan – and included in that plan are activities important to my health and family life.  I can have a business I enjoy as well as the other elements that keep me balanced as a person.  Kathy says “it’s okay to be busy enough”. 

I highly recommend “How to Calm the Chaotic Business Syndrome” MasterClass Series to anyone who is feeling so crazy busy they are not enjoying their life, their business or much of anything!  This has been a  definite game-changer for me and it can be for you too!"

Kevin Martin, Financial Services Professional -  www.facebook.com/KevinMartinNYLife

Kevin Martin, Financial Services Professional - www.facebook.com/KevinMartinNYLife

“I am halfway through Kathy’s MasterClass series, and so far she has been an incredible help.  She truly understands the greatest challenges in my position and has been able to offer amazing advice, solutions, and accountability. 

Kathy helps you take a big step back and really look at your day-to-day activities.  She helps you understand where your time has and has not been most productive, then works with you to make a solid and effective gameplan by focusing on the controllables.  I strongly recommend Kathy for anybody that is serious about improving.

Our most valuable asset is TIME….if you’d like more of yours free, definitely reach out to Kathy."

- Debra Hartley, Owner,  Precision Admin Solutions

- Debra Hartley, Owner, Precision Admin Solutions

"Oh. My. Goodness. You have got my brain in SUCH a whirl! It’s a good whirl. But I haven’t been in this much of a whirl in longer than I can remember.  I’ve started making notes of topics to write about, stories to incorporate, and forms & products I could design to sell. THANK YOU!! I really appreciate this! I have wanted to expand and grow in some area professionally this year, but hadn’t identified what my goal should be. Now, I have so many, the problem won’t be what to do, but where to start ."  

Sharon Gutierrez, Owner of  Shar'Enterprise

Sharon Gutierrez, Owner of Shar'Enterprise

"Kathy Davenport's message at one of her West Oahu Women's events was literally a life changing event in my life. I work in the marketing field, and while I love my job I was starting to feel stale and want more, both personally and professionally. Through a series of exercises that Kathy led us through I had the epiphany that consulting with small businesses was not only something that I was incredibly passionate about, but had already started doing on a small scale. Taking the step to open my business suddenly felt very possible and I knew that is what I wanted to do.

In the beginning stages of my business I struggled with making some key decisions and after an amazing coaching session with Kathy I felt even more empowered. Kathy gave me some of the tools I needed to get started and things kept going from there. Without Kathy I would not have felt inspired to actually take the step to 'start' my business but I would have held myself back from following through with my initial decision. Thank you Kathy, for inspiring me, coaching me and being a dear friend." 

"I am 100% sold on Kathy’s transformational coaching techniques, theories, and applications.  As a fellow military veteran with decades of faithful service to our nation, I found her to be the PERFECT business relationship coach for vets transitioning into entrepreneurship or simply wanting to grow as a person.  Having sat through literally dozens of motivational sessions, I found Kathy’s “Discover – Create – Transform” motivational and training philosophy unique among many. 

Ricardo Finney, Owner,  Precision Photography Hawaii

Ricardo Finney, Owner, Precision Photography Hawaii

I especially appreciated her training techniques tailored and personalized for my specific needs instead of a “cookie-cutter” approach.

Transitioning from 25+ years in the military to running your own business is tough.  A completely different set of relationship skills are needed.  Kathy’s steerage gave me human interaction and relationship tools that have brought instant, dramatic, positive results to me personally and professionally.  My business is thriving as a direct result of her training. 

Having met high federal standards, she’s approved as a government contractor for training.  I encourage all veterans wanting to learn how to get unstuck from the military mindset when interacting with customers to benefit from Kathy’s expertise and professionalism.  I give her my highest endorsement in every aspect of business and life skills training."

"Hi Kathy,  Thank you for hosting your Inaugural Women's Retreat at your home last month.  The experience was great and you did an awesome job.  I applied everything I learned and the outcome was wonderful.  I will definitely recommend your retreats to my family and friends.  Please let me know when is the next one." 

- Cherryl Cunanan, Waipahu, HI

Lasar McCabe, Professional Organizer,  www.OrganizedIslandLiving.com

Lasar McCabe, Professional Organizer, www.OrganizedIslandLiving.com

"I had a GREAT day (at your Women's Retreat).   It was one of the best decisions and investments I've ever made in myself.  I had never been to a workshop like that and I know I wouldn't have spent the time or energy getting my life together w/o Kathy's guidance and encouragement.  SO worth it, I recommend it to anyone."   

"I really enjoyed your workshop (as did the two other ladies that were with me) at the Joint Military Spouses Conference.  I have since moved forward with starting up my own business and am taking a chance by putting myself out there.  When you had us role play and live out our dreams, and I received positive feedback from my friends…. I thought I might as well take a chance.  I had been thinking about doing this for a while, but I was very concerned about being "laughed" at.

So your workshop was very powerful for me.  No matter what happens with my business venture, I'm glad that my vision is becoming a reality!"

- Lana Simmons

"Kathy has an innate ability to help clients see their lives in a new way. With her help, I was able to gain clarity around issues that were leaving me feeling stuck, and keeping me from reaching my goals. I left Kathy's workshop armed with a new perspective, renewed passion, and a path to success. I still use tools that Kathy taught me on a daily basis. Thank you, Kathy! "

I was a guest lecturer at the University of Hawaii and was asked to speak to students on "Entrepreneurship."  Here are some of their comments:

Thank you for taking the time to present to our class today!  It was a very enlightening experience that would have been well worth the hundreds of dollars your coaching normally costs--we were extremely fortunate to have gotten your guidance for free!  I especially liked how you opened up your speech to be continually interactive and your receptiveness to questions, it really helped the experience to feel and be personally tailored to address our individual curiosities rather than a generalized presentation.

One point that really stood out to me was your figurative relation of "Flight Hours" vs. "Years Flying" and how it relates to entrepreneurship.  I found the connection to be inspiring as it conveys that it's not about when you start or how long you do something for, but how much effort you put into it and how much of your overall  time you're willing to invest to make it happen.   Thanks again, JM

Thank you so much, Kathy!  Just in that short amount of time you spent talking with us I feel inspired and motivated to push myself to the limits.  I appreciate you taking the time off of your busy schedule to share your knowledge with our class, it was truly inspiring.  I really enjoyed the helpful tips you shared, such as tine management, changing your mindset, and taking 100% responsibility for your life.  Your personal testimony of your success is amazing and also motivates e to take control and commit to never ending self-improvement.  I really hope to hear from you again one day!  Best of luck!  Thank you!  KT