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Success Coach, Motivational Speaker, Fine Art Photographer

Aloha!  I'm glad you're here!  If I were meeting you in person, I'd greet you with a hug (as we do here in Hawaii) and invite you in for a cup of conversation.

Are you standing at a crossroads?  Are you worried you'll make the wrong choice and waste time, energy, and money?  Are you worried how your decision will affect those around you?

How long have you been standing there?

If you need help answering the question, "What's my next step?" I can help.  You need an experienced, intuitive guide to help you choose your path and walk with you.

Read my "Services" section to learn more or contact me for a Complimentary Consultation and Strategy Session. 

I look forward to chatting with you! 


Discover.  Create.  Transform. 

Empowerment Retreats


Experience a day of discovery, personal empowerment and transformation in a relaxed, private setting...

When was the last time you felt fully refreshed and energized?  A this one-day retreat you're going to experience a makeover from the inside out.

You'll enjoy a day feeling nurtured and supported.  You'll receive tools to become more confident and aligned with your true purpose. You'll experience a dynamic, calming meditation.  And you'll network with other amazing individuals.

It doesn't matter if your goal is to be a top seller in your company, find more time in your day, lead your team more effectively, communicate more clearly, explore a new opportunity, find your focus, or write a best-selling book--you'll learn how to dramatically transform your thoughts into action and create powerful momentum.

In order to maximize the benefit for all participants, attendance is limited to a small, select group.  Early registration is recommended.  Please contact our office for the dates of our upcoming Empowerment Retreats.

What they're saying:

"Hi Kathy,  Thank you for hosting your Inaugural Women's Retreat at your home last month.  The experience was great and you did an awesome job.  I applied everything I learned and the outcome was wonderful.  I will definitely recommend your retreats to my family and friends.  Please let me know when is the next one."- Cherryl Cunanan, Waipahu, HI


"I really wish my face looked happier in this picture...I had a GREAT day.   It was one of the best decisions and investments I've ever made in myself.  I had never been to a workshop like that and I know I wouldn't have spent the time or energy getting my life together w/o Kathy's guidance and encouragement.  SO worth it, I recommend it to anyone."   - Lasar McCabe