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Success Coach, Motivational Speaker, Fine Art Photographer

" You have to do the work on the inside in order to enjoy the view on the outside."

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Free Webinar: 5 steps MID-LIFE INDIVIDUALS AND MID-CAREER PROFESSIONALS use TO get Re-focused, re-charged and re-energized

(…without having to create more “to-do” lists, getting more organized, or managing their time better)

Get Re-Charged! In this Masterclass You’ll Discover…

  • The simple strategy clients are using to take their lives from the chaos of fire to the steadiness of flow. How they’re creating more calm and less chaos by becoming masters of the mid-life.

  • How to find your way after a mid-life wake-up call or major life shift.

  • Why mid-lifers MUST shift the way they think and act—it’s more than just visualizing what you want!

  • How clients are finding their own right direction, tapping into their talents, and creating more time, energy, and money by following paths that are in alignment with their purpose.

  • The easiest way to find balance and motivation.

  • How clients are becoming excited about new mid-life opportunities and using their story to inspire others.

  • How to stop playing small, start owning who you are, and start asking for what you want.

  • How to prevent burning up and burning out from stress and overwhelm.


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But before you hit submit…SLOW DOWN! I want you to get the most out of this. Block an hour on your schedule (the video is 50 minutes, but I want you to take time to reflect afterwards.) Part of why your life is where it is, is because you’re probably trying to put too much into your day. Don’t multi-task, either. So grab some coffee or your favorite beverage and start learning to calm the chaos even before you begin to watch. Clear your head and be open to learning some new ideas. Take this time to invest in yourself. Invite some friends to watch. (The webinar is available to watch as soon as you hit submit.) Your change starts now.

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Kathy Davenport is a certified success coach and personal development expert who blends her unique background as a retired military officer and fine art photographer to help mid-life individuals and mid-career professionals develop creative strategies for life-changing transformations.

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Kathy has been honored as one of the 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the U.S. As a result of her work in helping others succeed, Kathy has been recognized as the State of Hawaii SBA Women in Business Champion and as one of the state's Top 25 Businesswomen of the Year.

Kathy has been personally coached and mentored by Chicken Soup for the Soul series and The Success Principles author Jack Canfield; international business networking expert Dr. Ivan Misner, and military leadership expert General Gary North. The opportunity to be coached and trained by these industry experts, along with her years in the military have provided a solid foundation for the service, leadership, and mentorship values she holds today.

What people are saying…

Kathy is helping me explore how I can be more effective in an already successful career.  She "gets" me in a way I have rarely experienced.  She listens from a deep well of compassion, depth, and life experience.  I feel uplifted and empowered in her presence.

I am beginning a year of transformation and reinventing myself.  Kathy has helped me believe in my bones that what I want is attainable.  She has helped me regain myself and re-energize me.  Working with Kathy is magical!" ~ Linda H.

"I have been a business owner for the past 15 years and have always done “fine”. Over the last couple of years however, I have come to the realization that I wanted more than just “fine”. With my commitment to becoming more than just fine, I began to do some self help by listening to tapes, cd’s, Youtube videos and even invested in a couple of packaged programs that guaranteed success. All of these were valuable but my level of success remained about the same. I toyed with the idea of hiring a coach for most of this time but never found the right person. When I met Kathy, I knew instantly she was someone I wanted to work with. I have been grateful for that decision ever since. ~ Dr. Jody J.