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" You have to do the work on the inside in order to enjoy the view on the outside."

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Are you ready to live the second half of your life differently?  You're probably here because you've experienced--or are about to experience--a major life change:  loss of a spouse through death or divorce; a career change; your kids have left the nest; a move to a new location;  you feel your life needs refreshing; or you feel that you're being called to do something more but you don't know exactly what it is

At this point in your life you've probably been bruised, had a broken heart, lost your self-confidence, have a little (or a lot) of anxiety, and are wondering where should you go from here. 

Whatever your reason, I can help you re-design and re-direct your life so that you live each day feeling fulfilled, excited, and with a joyful purpose of knowing you're doing what you were born to do.  I'll help you develop a new image, re-gain your confidence, communicate more effectively, make decisions more quickly, live with more calm and less stress, and I'll empower you with the knowledge to live the second half of your life differently.

For years you've probably lived your life for others.  It's time now for you to live YOUR life.

One of the ways I help people is by helping them understand what makes them tick. For example, during a workshop one woman realized that everything that excited her had to do with traveling. As we explored further, she began to understand that there were elements of the travel experience she could build into her day-to-day life--new experiences, new sights, meeting new people. Once she realized it was these elements that fulfilled her, she purposefully began to choose how she would spend each day.

As a result of coaching with me, my clients have successfully launched new businesses, found more satisfying career paths, discovered hidden talents, and blossomed in ways they never imagined possible.  What would you do if there were no limits?

We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.
— Albert Einstein

How does it work?  I recommend you first experience a complimentary strategy session.  There's no obligation and it's completely free.  Then, if you and I decide we're a good fit and you decide you're ready to move forward, we start!

I offer private 1-1 coaching as well as group training.  Individual coaching sessions can be held via e-mail, skype, phone, or if you are on Oahu, Hawaii, sessions can be held in person.  I look forward to coaching with you!

VIP Online - 90 days of transformational coaching via the convenience and ease of e-mail.  You'll receive customized coaching delivered to your inbox.   We'll start where you are, we'll work through your challenges and take the steps to transform your life.  For 90 days you'll have total access to me through ongoing e-mail support.

VIP Live and Online - For those who want the best of both worlds, you'll receive 90 days of private one-one-one coaching via e-mail and through live sessions via skype or phone.  You'll have access to me through 90 days of ongoing e-mail coaching along with 12 private coaching sessions to gain greater clarity and faster transformation. 

VIP Intensive Coaching (1 Day Private Session)- Experience a highly focused, comprehensive coaching and mentoring day designed for those who are ready to leap into momentum.  We'll take stock of where you are, where you want to be, what's holding you back, and figure out what you need to do to accelerate your personal and/or professional development.  We'll lay out strategies and you'll leave with a highly focused action plan in place.   You'll work exclusively with me and receive 1-1 mentoring, personal development training and strategies for success.  This session is only for highly-committed individuals who are absolutely ready and willing to do what it takes to chart a new course and create a larger vision for their future. In addition to the VIP Day, you'll receive 60 days of follow-on coaching and mentoring.  This is an in-person event held at my private residence in Hawaii.

Laser Focus Session - 20 minute or 1 hour private session. (Good for solving a quick problem such as, “How should I price my product or services?” or brainstorming “How can I better manage this project I’m working on?” or as a follow-up session after a series.)

MasterClass Series

The MasterClass Series is an online, self-paced video/audio course designed to give you a lifetime of personal and professional results.   Unlike other courses you may have experienced which yielded only temporary outcomes, this course dives below the surface to develop lasting results.

Custom Packages are also available.  Ask me about putting together a coaching package exclusively for you. 

Getting Started

My signature style of coaching is to help people make small shifts that lead to major breakthroughs and momentum.  Rather than recommending several big changes which are often uncomfortable for people, I guide clients to a succession of smaller shifts that yield positive, lasting and powerful results.  If you're frustrated because what you're doing right now isn't working for you or you're ready to discover new directions and possibilities in your personal and professional life, then you're probably ready to experience the power of success coaching.  Let's get started!

For more information, please contact my office:  Contact

To experience a free, 30-minute coaching session, please contact my office at 808-372-0065 or click on the button below to schedule.

In order for things to change for the better, I needed to change for the better. You need to think and act differently. This is difficult to do without guidance. Kathy has been my compass for this change.
— Dr. Jody Jedlicka, LearningRx