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Success Coach, Motivational Speaker, Fine Art Photographer

" You have to do the work on the inside in order to enjoy the view on the outside."

Coaching & Consulting Services


  • Are you trying to figure out “the next chapter?”

  • Have you had a recent health scare, relationship change, or other significant emotional event that’s shaken your world?

  • Have you lost your focus and motivation?

  • Does your career or business need new energy?

  • Do you struggle with finding “balance”?

  • Is mis-communication causing you relationship or work-related issues?

  • Is constant worry and stress affecting your health and well-being?

  • Does your business team need to be recharged and re-energized?

Many people think that you can find the answers to these problems by listening to motivational talks, reading books on time management, attending sales skills seminars, or having courageous conversations.  While these may be excellent tools to treat the symptoms—unless you address the cause, the symptoms will always return.

Most people try to fix problems in one area of their life, then move on to another. But by the time they’ve fixed one thing, another issue has crept in somewhere and the pattern becomes an endless cycle. It’s like putting a finger in a leaky dam.

True transformation begins within. Instead of relying on band-aid fixes that teach people “how to do,” I teach people “how to be.” This is the secret to massive change. I help people recognize their gifts, unlock their blockages and live in alignment with their fullest potential.

I’ve been through all of the struggles listed above, researched and trained with the best in the business, and have condensed the learning so you can make changes in your life within weeks, not years. Ready to get started?

As a result of coaching with me, my clients have successfully launched new businesses, expanded their current business, found more satisfying career paths, discovered hidden talents, started new lives, strengthened their relationships, and blossomed in ways they never imagined possible.  What would you do if there were no limits?

How does it work?  I work with clients and teach them lifelong tools to develop from within.  The transformational magic is already inside, you just need to know how to access it and use it. You'll learn empowering thought processes, how to read people so you can communicate more effectively, how to clear out the clutter that's clogging your life, and how to create a new image of yourself that's physically, emotionally, and energetically more attractive and inspires wellness from within.

I recommend you first experience a complimentary consultation and strategy session.  There's no obligation and it's completely free.  Then, if you and I decide we're a good fit and you decide you're ready to move forward, we start!

I offer private 1-1 coaching as well as group training.  Individual coaching sessions can be held via e-mail, skype, phone, or if you are on Oahu, Hawaii, sessions can be held in person.  I look forward to coaching with you!

For more information about how coaching might be of benefit to you, please contact our office:



In order for things to change for the better, I needed to change for the better. You need to think and act differently. This is difficult to do without guidance. Kathy has been my compass for this change.
— Dr. Jody Jedlicka, LearningRx