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Success Coach, Motivational Speaker, Fine Art Photographer

" You have to do the work on the inside in order to enjoy the view on the outside."

See Beauty

The past three years have been filled with learning for me. Lessons I needed to learn in order to be of better service to myself and others. You know my story--the passing of my spouse, my experience with cancer, and a broken heart along the way.  All of these were gifts of Divine learning, designed to help me help others. I'm in a wonderful new space now filled with clear purpose and wisdom, and I'm being directed to help others heal and transform their lives. I'm starting by sharing my Soul Healing Art--inspirational artwork filled with a blessing for healing and life transformation. I hope you'll enjoy, and I wish 2017 to be the best year ever for you!


See Beauty

Gratitude 2016

I always like to share this video, especially on Thanksgiving.  It just seems to be the perfect thing to start this day, this season.  It's called Gratitude by Louie Schwartzberg.  I hope you'll take 6 minutes to relax with this wonderful message.