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Choose in Favor of You

I wrote an article a few weeks ago about choosing to stay away from drama. This post is a bit of a follow-on to that, because although you may choose to walk away from the drama, sometimes the drama doesn't want you to walk away!!!!

In my case, the person who called me to start the drama must've then called and reported back to YYY. The next day YYY texted me about the drama, and said she was going to call me.

In a nutshell, I wound up call and text-blocking both the person who started the drama and YYY. I also removed them as Facebook friends and blocked them. For my sanity and peace of mind, I no longer needed these people to have access to me.

The lesson here? If you want to have more peace and happiness in your life, you have to start removing the things that no longer serve you. This can be physical clutter, mental clutter, negative emotional attachments, toxic people, and so on. Just know that some of these people/things are going to want to hang on like a suckerfish. Your job is to remove them.

And the best way to decide if something/someone can stay or needs to go is to always choose in favor of you. Trust your instincts and learn to stand up for yourself. Don't choose in favor of what someone else wants you to do. And don't try to choose because you want something to happen for someone else. Choose for you.

Cheering for you!