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" You have to do the work on the inside in order to enjoy the view on the outside."

How are you spending your time?

With all the things I've experienced recently, I realize that time is precious. So one of the best time management and positive mindset things I did this week was to remove myself from people and groups who constantly complain. Last week I found myself sucked into following some very negative discussions on two different FB groups (the groups were originally set up to provide helpful information). I never bothered to join the discussions, but just reading all the whining made me exhausted and I realized it was huge time-waster. So this week I stayed away from those groups and guess what--I'm much more focused and my energy is directed to the positive things I need to do with my time. I've also gone as far as to "unfollow" and stay away from chronic complainers. Anyone who starts their post with, "Please allow me to vent..." is a time waster. Your time is more valuable than listening to people who are complaining to the wrong people. People who have a complaint should be bringing those concerns to the people/person who can fix it--that would be a more positive and empowering use of time.