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Things happen for a reason...

Gotta love it when the universe conspires to make things happen. Yesterday morning I was running around doing errands--went to the bank and then dropped off my recyclables. When I got home, I realized that the electronic fob for my loaner car was missing (the fob that will allow you to start the car and run the A/C before you get in--probably expensive to replace, and this is only a loaner, so I have to find it or pay to replace it!). I remember having it in my hand when I was turning in my plastic bottles and hoped I hadn't dropped it in by accident. I go back to the recycling center and no one is there since it's closed for lunch, so I can't ask anyone if they've seen it.  As I'm standing in the empty lot, a homeless man with his small cart of belongings comes up and asks if I'm looking for something.  I told him I'm looking for my key fob. He says he just found one and asks if there might be a small reward? I told him I would absolutely take care of him if it was the fob I was looking for. Turns out it was and I gave him all the loose dollar bills I had (about $8, I don't usually carry much cash) and I also gave him a ticket for a meal at Zippy's--a ticket I'd purchased from a Boy Scout fundraiser a couple of months ago with the specific purpose of someday giving it to a homeless person who needed a meal. So today was that day. He told me I made his day and I told him he made mine! He gave me a hug and his big grin was priceless.

So what universe-conspired things have happened to you lately?