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I hit that nut...


The hose under the kitchen sink was leaking pretty badly last Sunday morning. A quick look showed that one of the connectors had corroded and was spraying water like a sprinkler system. What's a girl to do on a rainy Sunday morning? Well, since the kitchen faucet was pretty old I decided to play handygirl and replace it myself.

But all did no go as smoothly as I anticipated.  Along the way I ran into a rusted nut that didn't want to let go.   Try as I might, it was stuck.  And I was getting disappointed.  I really wanted to earn my handygirl badge that day. 

That darn rusty nut was holding everything up and holding me back!

That darn rusty nut was holding everything up and holding me back!

So I turned to the internet for advice.  Found an article that recommended I take a blowtorch to the rusted nut.  No doubt I would've caught the entire kitchen on fire....

So I sat, disappointed, on the kitchen floor.  I thought about having to call a real handyman the next day.  Then I decided to give it just one more try.  This time I took a hammer with me and crawled under the sink.  And I hit that nut.  And some rust fell off.  I hit it again.  More rust fell off.  I took the wrench and twisted the nut.  Hallelujah!  It started slipping loose.  In less than 15 minutes I had that nut off, new hoses connected and a new kitchen faucet installed.  And nothing leaked!


I was so proud of myself.  "I" had installed a brand new kitchen faucet all by myself.  I wasn't even sure when I started if I could do it.  But I just got started and figured things out along the way.  I even figured out how to deal with what could've been a huge roadblock.

So the moral of the story..... Is there a rusty nut holding you back?  What are you going to do about it?  Give up? Give in?  Call for reinforcements?  Or fight your way to the finish?