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Aloha!  I'm glad you're here!  If I were meeting you in person, I'd greet you with a hug (as we do here in Hawaii) and invite you in for a cup of conversation.

Are you standing at a crossroads?  Are you worried you'll make the wrong choice and waste time, energy, and money?  Are you worried how your decision will affect those around you?

How long have you been standing there?

If you need help answering the question, "What's my next step?" I can help.  You need an experienced, intuitive guide to help you choose your path and walk with you.

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Calming Your Chaos

It warms my heart to hear how things are changing for my clients. A client shared with me yesterday how she's implementing some of the things she's learned to create more calm in her business. One thing she does is to set aside a quiet hour at her office (before anyone else comes in) and she focuses on doing one thing at a time rather than trying to tackle five tasks all at once. She's becoming more productive, less stressed, and finding even more new ways to improve her life and business.

So what things are you doing to calm the chaos in your personal or professional life? (As for me, I'm taking some time off today to recharge and to get some fresh air and sunshine after being sick for the past few weeks--going golfing!)