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" You have to do the work on the inside in order to enjoy the view on the outside."

"Too Busy"

I've decided to remove these words from my vocabulary.  It all started when I realized that almost everyone was starting a conversation with me by saying, "I know you're probably too busy....." 

I didn't like what I was hearing.  Translation to me was, "I know you're too busy to care about what I'm doing..."  It didn't feel good to me that people saw me running around involved in so many activities they thought I didn't have time to be interested or support them.   The impression I was giving off was that my friends and associates were not important to me.  Being "too busy" also meant that I had let my life get out of control.  How sad!!

So I decided to change things.  I took a hard look at my "very busy" schedule.  I made some major adjustments and deleted activities that had merit, but were no longer in alignment with my goals and current vision.  As a result I'm enjoying a lot more free time which allows me to work at a less chaotic pace and my focus has improved ten-fold.

When people ask me now if I've been "busy", I can smile and say, "I'm busy enough" which is a comfortable way of saying "I'm in a good place"--and how are you? 

Are you "too busy?"