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Aloha!  I'm glad you're here!  If I were meeting you in person, I'd greet you with a hug (as we do here in Hawaii) and invite you in for a cup of conversation.

Are you standing at a crossroads?  Are you worried you'll make the wrong choice and waste time, energy, and money?  Are you worried how your decision will affect those around you?

How long have you been standing there?

If you need help answering the question, "What's my next step?" I can help.  You need an experienced, intuitive guide to help you choose your path and walk with you.

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Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight

Fall down 7 times, get up 8.  That's a great motivational piece I've often heard. Even better is that here's a workout that will help you become physically stronger.  It's tough, but worth it!  I truly believe that becoming physically stronger helps you become mentally stronger and vice versa. http://mmabodyweightworkouts.com/blog/

What are you doing today to strengthen your mind and body?