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You Can Have More Than You Think You Can

Several years ago I was having dinner with friends at a fancy restaurant. After the main meal, the waiter brought around a plate with various desserts on it and we started drooling over which dessert we should choose.

 I was having a hard time. They all looked great. I looked at the waiter and asked for his recommendation. He said, "Ma'am, they're all great. And you don't have to choose. This restaurant gives you a small serving of all of them."

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 What a concept! I just died and went to heaven!

 I could have ALL of them. I didn't have to choose just one.

 I was reminded of that concept just a few days ago. I had a full day with nothing scheduled and I was wondering how I should spend it. Go to the beach, go hit golf balls (because I'm trying to get better), or get a workout in by either going to the gym or taking a brisk walk.

 I opted for a walk along the ocean. So I got my workout in. And after the walk I decided I had time to jump in and swim. So I got my beach time in (saltwater is a great way to detox). And later in the evening I remembered there's a lighted driving range where I could hit balls. So I got my practice in.

 I felt so amazingly energized. And the next day I was incredibly productive. And happy that I allowed myself to do what I thought was more than I deserved.

 My point in all of this is that sometimes you don't have to choose just one. You can have it all. You deserve more. Stop limiting yourself. Open yourself up to the possibility that you can have more than you think you can.

 We so often limit ourselves because of old beliefs and stories we've been told about how we should act, what we should do, how we should behave. If those stories are no longer serving you, it's time to change them.

 Here's the big question: "What's it costing you to stay stuck in old beliefs and patterns?"

 You're going to hear me talk more and more about changing your way of thinking. Many of you are in this mid-life/mid-career stage of life, it's time to shake things up and own who you are. This is the time to really claim your power. If you want to re-charge and re-energize, you have to start claiming your power. One way to do this is to START BELIEVING that you can have more than you think you can. You can BE more than you can even imagine. You just need to start opening up your way of thinking.

 So how are you limiting yourself? Or how are you letting others limit you? Think about it and post in the comments below, would love to hear your thoughts! Just being aware of your limiting beliefs gets you started on changing those old thought patterns to new positive and powerful ones.

 Here are some samples to get you started. Start with, "I limit myself by....

 “.....telling myself________"

".....believing I can't_______"

".....thinking that I don't deserve_____"

".....feeling guilty about________"

And then replace that old thought with a new one:

 "I do deserve...…….all the desserts on that plate!" 

Cheering for you!