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I Ate the Bacon!

Full confession here. I ate the bacon. And the eggs. And the butter.

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 8.00.04 AM.png

And I've been doing it for the past five months.

And I'm healthier and have more energy than ever.

Previously, I rarely ate any type of red meat. Rarely ate meat at all. I ate "healthy." Whole grains, fish, some chicken, lots of fruits and veggies. I ate organic (still do as much as possible).

I worked out regularly.

Yet I kept gaining weight and my energy was sagging. I figured it was just due to my age and hormonal changes.

And then I decided to try a totally different approach.

(Stay with me, this isn't a diet promotion...)

It's about taking the chance to do something differently in order to get different results.

I keep saying you have to train yourself to think--and do things--differently. Here's why:

Conventional thinking taught me about a "healthy" diet. I even switched to a plant-based diet in the hopes of getting my weight under control and my energy back. I tried the "diets" and exercise routines that had worked for me years ago. I ate cabbage soup, I went low-cal, I did a starvation diet. I worked out regularly. Yet nothing was working this time.

Until someone suggested I try a totally different approach. One that had me thinking, "No way will this work."

Until it did.

I started eating steak, shrimp, chicken--lots of protein. I ate select veggies. In a nutshell, I went very low carb, no sugar, high fat, high protein. Good grief, I even ate butter and cream cheese!!!

In five months I lost 26 pounds (not a record pace, but a good pace for me.) I'm within 10 pounds of my goal weight. My energy is sky-high. I feel great, and I have the before and after blood tests from my doctor to show that all my numbers have significantly improved, my organs are healthy and I'm functioning just fine. My doc said to keep doing what I'm doing. I even went off the program for a week and didn't gain anything.

My point in all of this is that at some point, you just have to tell yourself it's time to do something different. No matter where you are on your life journey, turn yourself 180 degrees and give something different a try.

And realize that what worked before might not work now because you’re in a different body, a different place with different stuff going on. So you have to think and do differently now.

A new month is coming and with that a new moon and new energy. Whether you believe in astrology or numerology, intuition or coincidence--every email I'm getting from my mentors, posts that are showing up in my Facebook feed, signs from the universe, and advice from friends--everything is saying that now is the time to stop thinking and start doing.

So I want to ask--what is ONE THING you are going to do differently starting this weekend to kickstart an energetic change in your life?

And if you don't know...then message me, call me, or email me to help you figure it out. Don't stay stuck!

Cheering for you!!